Our Services

Free Pickup Service

We offer Free Pick-Up Service for your Cans & Bottles 7 Days a week. Simply, using method below, you can book a time for Free Pick-Up Service.

We take pride in our no contract, no hidden fee policy, and hope to see you in our coming future.


Bottle Drives

Bottle Drives are the best way to raise funds for any kind of youth activity. They are real fun for the kids, quick to clean up, and best get - INSTANT MONEY !

We are experienced and trusted in running bottle drives and we are happy to help with ideas to make yours profitable. Book your Bottle Drive with Beaumont Bottle Depot and we will provide detailed information on how to run a successful drive. We also provide a staff member on the day of your drive to assist in training, handling, sorting and loading of the truck to make your experience a great one!



School Program

As many students bring a number of beverage containers to school every day, We have developed a program to encourage the recycling of these containers. This program does not cost you anything, and your school will receive a full deposit on all of the containers you collect. We offer pick up services for high schools and elementary schools.