Get Cash for these Containers


 We pay a FULL REFUND on your deposit for all eligible containers

Container Volume Refund Amount
1 Litre or Less 10 cents
Greater than 1 Litre 25 cents

1 litre (L) = 1,000 millilitres (ml) which also = 35 fluid ounces (oz).


Check here for our "Container Sizes and Conversions" chart to see more on exactly which container sizes fit into the 10 cent or 25 cent deposit category - in both metric AND imperial.

Elegible Beverages

  • Ready - to - serve drinks; including:
    • Beer (bottled in Canada or imported)
    • Wine and coolers
    • Spirits and other liquor
    • Pop ( soft drinks)
    • Fruit and vegetable juice and flavoured juices
    • Energy drinks
    • Water (pure or flavoured)
    • Milk (white or flavoured)
    • Rice and soy drinks (milk substitutes)
    • Cream and milk-based coffee creamers
  • Sold in the province of Alberta
  • Still "wearing" their product label AND Whole [not broken or cut in pieces]
  • No smaller than 35 ml in size and no greater than 20 litres (20,000 ml) in size

Note: An agency called the Beverage Container Management Board is responsible for registering beverage containers and administering the Alberta deposit - refund system.


Elegible Contaner Types

  • Aluminum Cans (for beer, pop, juice, and energy drinks)
  • Other Metal Cans (for juice and other drinks)
  • See-through Plastic Bottles (for pop, water, juice, liquor)
    • Also called " P.E.T." plastic (PET: #1)
    • May be clear, or coloured light blue, green, or brown
  • Semi-transparent and Solid Plastic Bottles, jugs, or cups ( for milk and juice)
    • Includes "H.D.P.E." plastic (HDPE: #2)
    • Includes other plastics
    • May be white, solid colours such as blue or orange, or translucent (semi-transparent)
  • Beer Bottles including
    • The industry standard brown re-fillable long neck-bottle
    • Specialty re-fillable bottles such as Sleemans or Steam Whistle
    • Non-refillable glass bottles that are clear, green or non-standard sized brown
  • Other Glass Bottles (for wine, liquor and juice)
    • May be clear or coloured
  • Polycoat Containers (for juice, milk, cream, rice and soy drinks)
    • Cardboard boxes with plastic liners and pouring spouts
  • Bag-in-a-box (for wine)


What we do not take

Please do not bring any of the following items to our bottle depot - there is no deposit for refund on any of these items, and we cannot recycle them. All of these items should be recycled from home in the City of Edmonton blue bag or your apartment recycling bin.

  • Vegetable and cooking oil
  • Lemon juice or food flavourings that are not a drinkable beverage
  • Infant (baby) milk formula
  • Any concentrated beverages that required addition of water before serving
  • Petroleum-based coffee cream or flavourings
  • Disposable coffee cups or pop or smoothie cups from fast food outlets